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  LifeLiner® Ribbed Shelf Liner

LifeLiner is backed by a Lifetime Replacement Policy!

LifeLiner is the only shelf liner to offer a Full Lifetime Replacement Policy. Right on the carton, we offer to replace any portion of the product the customer feels has not performed satisfactorily.

Easy to cut.

LifeLiner is made from modern polymers, so it won't tear, scuff or crack, yet cuts easily to fit any shape.



Exclusive rib design

LifeLiner is the only shelf liner with exclusive ribs!

LifeLiner's rib design allows air to circulate under and around dishes and glassware. The ribs and the polished finish create an easy glide surface for glassware and heavy pots and pans. The ribs also provide a cushion to protect delicate china and crystal from chipping.

Incredibly durable

LifeLiner is incredibly durable! Five times thicker!

LifeLiner is not just for delicate glassware. LifeLiner is five times thicker than ordinary shelf liners, so it stands up to the heaviest of gourmet cookware.

Protects fine wood finishes

LifeLiner protects fine wood finishes!

LifeLiner has a unique cohering underside so it lays flat and stays in place without messy adhesives that destroy fine wood finishes. In fact, thick, waterproof LifeLiner will help protect surfaces from moisture damage and scratches.

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